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  • Student Visa

    If you are wishing to come to the UK to further your education you can apply to come to the UK as a student.


    There are two different types of student visa, a student visitor visa if you are wishing to come to the UK to study a short course or a Tier 4 Student if you wish to undertake further education at degree level.


    A Student Visitor visa is valid for 6 months or up to 12 months if you are undertaking a specified English Course in the UK. This visa cannot be renewed or extended whilst you are in the UK.


    A Tier 4 Student visa is valid for the length of your course and you are able to extend or vary the visa whilst you are in the UK. Most Tier 4 visas also allow you to take up employment but you are limited to a certain number of hours per week. The number of hours you can work will depend upon the type of course you are undertaking.


    For both Student Visitor Visas and Tier 4 Student Visas, you must already have a place at an educational institution in the UK and your education provider will be your Sponsor. You must also ensure that you meet the financial requirements you evidence to the Home Office that you will be able to accommodate and maintain yourself in the UK without reliance on public funds.


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