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    Tremont Midwest are experienced immigration solicitors in London offering legal advice. Our London immigration solicitors have been actively dealing with legal cases & UK visa applications for the last 15 years. We can provide expert both legal advice and an immigration lawyer as your representative for any of the UK immigration visa categories.


    You may intend to submit a European (EAA) application or an application for a UK Marriage Visa or an Unmarried Partner Visa based on your marriage or relationship with your British citizen partner. Or your immigration case may be an application for settlement in the UK, or for British Citizenship. The expert legal advice from our immigration lawyers also extends to representing you if you wish to submit a claim to stay in the UK based on your established Human Rights. If you are a student seeking to switch to a different category of a UK visa application, we can advise and assist you for a successful variation of your leave to remain in the UK. It is vitally important that your UK visa application satisfies current UK immigration rules and be in accordance with UK immigration law to enable you to receive an expected successful verdict. Starting from the initial meeting with your immigration lawyer we can advise on merits, initial qualification for the specific type of visa to be granted and then of all the evidential requirements to satisfy the proposed category of immigration visa. We don’t stop there – one of our immigration solicitors can fully assist and represent you in the whole visa application process, including submitting a professionally prepared application to the Home Office.


    If you are dealing with a visa application or UK immigration matter by yourself, you will know how stressful and sometimes confusing things can be. Your whole future is the balance, but you may not know how to deal with all the paperwork, or understand the regulations or your rights. You may fall into the trap of accepting decisions that go against you even though there was still a lot that could have been done.


    We are here to help with expert immigration advice. We are dedicated to helping people in your position to secure the right decision in your case. Our London immigration solicitors are here to help you achieve your rights whilst saving you money and speeding the process along. You can expect better prospects of success for following reasons:


    • We are UK Qualified Immigration Solicitors in London
    • We have two offices in London. One in Central London, Marble Arch & the other in South London, Wimbledon, so you can meet one of our immigration solicitors in person quickly and with no delay
    • Our London Immigration Lawyers have 15 years experience.
    • We are accredited by the Law Society of England and Wales. You will have direct access to our Immigration Solicitor London who is also responsible for preparing your case.
    • You pay a fixed fee for your immigration case or UK visa application.
    • We can represent you in initial straightforward cases to most complex cases whether it is an application to the home office or in the appeal in the Immigration Courts (representing you in Immigration Courts like First -Tier Tribunal(IAC), Upper Tribunal(IAC) or in Higher Courts.
    • Your immigration solicitor working on your case will be always contactable.
    • If you need to contact us out of hours, we have set up unique systems to ensure we can respond immediately, assign an experienced solicitor and take action quickly to safeguard your interests.


    So you are in safe hands with our immigration advice.


    London Immigration Lawyers – ready to work on your case


    Once we know all the details of your situation, we will prepare a unique strategic case plan for your UK immigration application and advise you of the most likely outcome. There’s no time limit on the sessions where we take your instructions, because it’s important that we hear the whole story. We will then strive to simplify your case, which will help cut through delays and eliminate any irrelevant issues. We identify the elements that could be dragging out a case or creating an adverse impact.

    We will make proactive challenges to UKBA Home Office if they become irrational, disproportionate or unreasonable in their decision making process. And we promise you a close analysis of your immigration case, as we seek to identify any errors in the decision making or procedures taken by UKBA Home Office.


    Should you seek an expert assessment of your initial application for a UK visa, or assistance in appealing a visa refusal decision, call us or complete the online enquiry form. We will contact you quickly to arrange to see you in our offices or to assess it online. We can provide you the service of full representation by preparing and submitting your application to the Home Office giving you the best possible chance of success. We will closely assess your evidence and advise you on a suggested list of evidence in line with UK immigration rules.


    Our London Immigration Lawyers are here to assist, we cover applications to the Home Office and all types of Immigration Appeals at the First-Tier Tribunal(IAC), Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal in the UK Whether you need assistance in an immigration application review or an appeal we can smooth the process and significantly improve the chances of a favourable outcome. It is vital to do everything right from the beginning. Our expertise and knowledge will guide you every step of the way. Wherever you are in London or outside of London, we can provide same high quality service.


    Our immigration solicitors are based in London & regularly cover UK visa applications in all UK visa categories.

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    • The very first job which I gave to Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London was done very professionally and efficiently. As a totally satisfied customer, I have decided to handover all rest of my legal matters to them as they are professional, capable and competent.

      S.J.L.P.Gedara, Non-Executive Director, CMS Credit Union Ltd.
    • Thank you very much for all your helpful advice which led to me getting my resident status. Since meeting with Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London we have never looked back. They are professional, approachable and extremely patient and kind, and always prompt and willing to answer all of my questions. It has given me peace of mind to know that my case is conducted so professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Tremont Midwest Solicitors as lawyers who are able to move you efficiently through all the processes that are required by Immigration.