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    Start a Business


    You can face many problems when starting a new business, which is often difficult without the right legal advice. Here at Tremont Midwest we have many years of experience in helping protect your business from risk, saving you money.
    We can help with matters such as your taxes, the structure of your business, where and how to establish your business and the buying and selling of goods.


    Business Contracts


    Business contracts are extremely important, and you need to ensure that all is correct before handing one over. It is highly recommended that you get a solicitor to help draft one for you before. At Tremont Midwest Solicitors we can help you, our team is highly trained in the making of business contracts and will be able to help you draft a contact, suiting all of your needs, whilst giving you legal advice in regards to the same.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues regarding this.


    Directors Duties


    Directors of a business have many different duties which they need to carry out. A lot of which is unknown when first stating out a business. General Duties will be found in the Companies Act 2006, however there are many other duties such as specific duties, wrongful trading, the general law and duties imposed by the company itself. 


    Intellectual Property Rights


    Having the right type of intellectual property protection helps you to stop people copying things in your business such as:


    • The names of products/brands that yourself owns
    • Your own inventions of products
    • How your products look or are designed
    • Things that you make or write about.


    At Tremont Midwest, we are able to help get your business copyright of these things, under the Copyright, Patents and Designs Act, making sure you have the right type of protection for your property. 


    Confidentiality Agreements


    A confidentiality agreement restricts another from using confidential ideas for the purpose in which you were using them for. The contract can also include additional terms, where here at Tremont Midwest, we can help you understand how to incorporate the terms into your business.




    Your business is most likely to be affected by the E-Commerce regulations 2002, whether your business is trading online or not.
    At Tremont Midwest we will help you with matters such as giving you advice on the regulations, helping you incorporate them into your business, whilst protecting your businesses reputation at all times.


    Shareholder’s Agreements


    It is always suggested that you as a shareholder make agreements with your fellow shareholder’s in respect of the business. Although we hope that your business will succeed with all shareholders, we do recommend a contract of agreement, setting out how the business will work, who owns what, as well as any other agreement which you find necessary to incorporate. At Tremont Midwest, we can make these contracts with you, in order to make sure that neither shareholder finds themselves in any trouble in the future.


    Buying or Selling a Business or Assets


    It is important that you attain the correct legal advice when buying or selling a business or assets. There are many pitfalls which you could fall into, which is why we recommend you take advice in this process.
    We recommend you take legal advice even before negotiations to ensure that everything is in order and the correct research has been undertaken.

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    • The very first job which I gave to Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London was done very professionally and efficiently. As a totally satisfied customer, I have decided to handover all rest of my legal matters to them as they are professional, capable and competent.

      S.J.L.P.Gedara, Non-Executive Director, CMS Credit Union Ltd.
    • Thank you very much for all your helpful advice which led to me getting my resident status. Since meeting with Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London we have never looked back. They are professional, approachable and extremely patient and kind, and always prompt and willing to answer all of my questions. It has given me peace of mind to know that my case is conducted so professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Tremont Midwest Solicitors as lawyers who are able to move you efficiently through all the processes that are required by Immigration.