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    Affordable services and outstanding value


    We believe in delivering highly cost-effective services. Our solicitors are all specialists, able to quickly understand the issues and provide expert legal advice, saving you both time and money and leading to better outcomes.


    Unlike many other firms, we don’t charge for every meeting or for every phone call. We operate fixed fee schemes wherever possible and always keep you fully informed about costs.


    The fee for initial consultations with advice at £140.00 for up to an hour with reference to immigration matters. In most situations we could fit you in to a same day immigration consultation. Please call one of our immigration lawyers before you attend our offices.The consultations sessions are generally conducted at our offices. It is to be noted that within initial consultations sessions are intended for general legal advice with reference to a case . If specific detailed advice and/or written analysis of a case is required our immigration lawyers can provide such service at a cost of £300+VAT.


    APPLICATION CHECKING SERVICE  We offer one hour application checking service for wide range categories of visa applications to the Home Office. Standard Application checking fee will be £ 350+VAT. Please contact one of our immigration lawyers to request this service. We understand that  sometimes you need to have a quick final check by an experienced  immigration adviser to ensure that everything is right order. before you dispatch the application to the Home Office. For this reason we can offer same day checking service in most cases.


    Free Immigration Appeal Consultations


    If your immigration visa application is refused by the UKBA Home Office it is not the end of the road. Although you are quite disappointed by and frustrated to receive a Visa Refusal,we can still help. Our Free Immigration Appeal Consultation Service is an one to one free consultation session offered help you in a Visa Refusal situation.


    In the Free Immigration Appeal Consultation /Appeal Review session we can advise you of any possible grounds for an appeal and the likelihood of success. When you receive a visa refusal decision it is normally carries right of appeal to Immigration Courts. You would normally have 14 days to appeal against the refusal decision or 28 days if it is an out of country decision which relates to an application which was made to one of the entry clearance offices. We can also assess your case for prospect of success through what is called the Judicial Review process where you have not been given right of appeal against the Home Office Visa Refusal. This is because some refusal decisions do not carry an automatic right of appeal.


    Book an appointment to meet one of our Immigration Solicitors in our Immigration Team. You may complete the online enquiry form found our Immigration Solicitors home page or call us directly.


    Please note we do not prepare or complete immigration appeal forms during these sessions.


    Immigration Free Consultations


    In some cases we offer free immigration consultations at our Central London office, 42 Upper Berkeley Street, Marylebone,W1H 5PW. Within a Free Immigration Advise session we can provide advise on your immigration matter for up to 20 minutes. Please contact one of our lawyers to request your free consultation session. So our immigration team will be able to book you in after the initial telephone assessment.  Free consultations sessions are offered based on availability of slots. It is to be noted during these sessions we do not provide advice on specific list of evidence with regard to immigration applications and also not intended to provide assistance to completing immigration application forms to the Home Office. Detailed advice and detailed case analysis of an immigration matter cannot be provided on these sessions. It is also to be noted some issues cannot be dealt with or advice cannot be given at a free consultation session due to the immigration problems nature and complexity. Free consultation is offered on the basis it is applicable to no more than a single session to one person. There are no free consultations sessions offered at Wimbledon office.

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    • The very first job which I gave to Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London was done very professionally and efficiently. As a totally satisfied customer, I have decided to handover all rest of my legal matters to them as they are professional, capable and competent.

      S.J.L.P.Gedara, Non-Executive Director, CMS Credit Union Ltd.
    • Thank you very much for all your helpful advice which led to me getting my resident status. Since meeting with Tremont Midwest Solicitors in London we have never looked back. They are professional, approachable and extremely patient and kind, and always prompt and willing to answer all of my questions. It has given me peace of mind to know that my case is conducted so professionally. I wholeheartedly recommend Tremont Midwest Solicitors as lawyers who are able to move you efficiently through all the processes that are required by Immigration.